Fluid Storage & Dispensing Systems

Fluid Storage & Dispensing Systems

Posted by Marcus Hootman on 5th Sep 2014

Are you tired of the old 55 gallon drums at your company? Running out of room storing these 55 gallon drums? Looking for a better way of getting product to and from those drums? Hawkeye Material Handling and Innovative Fluid Handling Systems has a solution.

Here is IFH Group’s take on the old 55 gallon drums –

Say Goodgye to 55-Gallon Drums Forever! The IFH System Has Everything You Need.

“55-gallon drum storage is becoming a thing of the past. There is a better way to handle all kinds of oils, lubricants, and industrial fluids that is easier, safer, cleaner, and much more cost effective.

The IFH Group has the Innovative Solution to 55-gallon drum storage. Now you can eliminate 55-gallon drums forever with the IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System.

With 55-gallon drums, actual product inventory is a guessing game that often results in product shortages or costly extra drums of back-up product. Drum pumps leave 2 – 5 gallons of product in “empty” containers, which can add up to hundreds of wasted dollars annually.

Drums and pumps require tipping, cleaning, switching, replacing, and they waste valuable space that could be utilized for production or other needs. For example, nine 55-gallon drums require about 120 square feet of floor space, compared to a nine container IFH System that requires only 19 square feet of floor space.” IFH Group catalog #233999

Hawkeye Material Handling has been selling IFH fluid storage systems for many years now. It’s a unique product line that is very often over looked. Here is what the system is and how it works.

Innovative Fluid Handling Systems uses 65 gallon tanks. They are then stored on a pallet rack shelving unit, and all the hoses and valves come together for an easy access point on the shelving unit. Simply open the self-closing faucet to obtain the fluid product of your choice. The tanks all come with glass sight gauges, so you always know the amount of product in the tank. When the tanks become low, gather a new drum full of product and place the hose pump inside the drum. Connect the hose to the correct tank and turn on the pump. This will empty out the 55 gallon drum and store the fluid product inside the 65 gallon tank. No mess, no cleaning, no tipping, and no dumping.

IFH systems save tremendous amount of floor space verses drums. Example 9 55-gallon drums will take up 120 square feet of floor space.(495 gallons stored.) While a 9 tank system storing 585 gallons, only takes up 19 square feet.

Contact us for more information 800-728-9784. We also have a video on our website to see the system in action.