Double Level, Pallet Rack Drive Thru System

Double Level, Pallet Rack Drive Thru System

Posted by Marcus Hootman on 3rd Sep 2014

A client of ours came to us in order to help them design a Pallet Rack Drive Thru system that can accommodate two different pallet sizes. They use both a 48” wide pallet and a 40” wide pallet. Client wants to utilize a system the will except either pallet size. Designing a Drive Thru system for one pallet size takes a little work, but is easier to do than one for two different pallet sizes.

A Drive Thru system is built around a pallet load. If you can let us know the size of area that you want to work with, the width and depth of the pallet, the width, depth, weight, and height of the load, we can create a drive thru system with that information. But when you have to two different widths to work with, it becomes a little more of a challenge. Some distributors will not bother with such a system because of the complexity that this creates. It’s easier to just to say that it cannot be done and build it for only one size pallet. At Hawkeye Material Handling we have over 30 years experience in working with these pallet rack systems. We know the parts, and what they are designed for, and what they are not designed for. Here is how we came up with a solution for this Drive Thru system.

First thing we did was build a system around the larger pallet. The widest width pallet sets the stage for how far apart the frames need to be. The 48” wide pallet will have the frames 56” apart, with 6” arms. Next we had to build a system around the 40” wide pallet, but still make the frames 56” apart. The arm length to hold a 40” wide pallet came to 10” arms. With that information we designed a double arm system. Each level will have two levels to hold either pallet size.

The first or top level is for the 48” wide pallet and will use 6” arms. The second or bottom level will have the 10” arms for the 40” wide pallet. When lowering a 40” wide pallet, it will go down past the first level and right onto the second level. The distance between the first level arms is 43.5”, giving 1-3/4” clearance on each side of the 40” wide pallet. Railing on the 10” arms will then help guide the 40” wide pallet into place. 48” wide pallets will simply rest in place on the first level. The 48” pallet will be too wide to go any further. Each level is created for only one pallet size, a 48” and 40”

Now whatever pallet the product is loaded on, 48” or 40” wide will not matter. There will not be any time wasted on measuring which pallet will go in which bay, personnel forgetting to measure the pallets, (which may result in a pallet getting stuck within the system) or even wasting time moving product to a different size pallet. Again each level will have two levels for either a 40” or 48” wide pallet.

Double arm level like this does takes more head room. The frames will have to be higher in order to get the spacing for a double arm level. In this case, customer will have 3 levels, and the frames will be 294” high. Normally if designing for only one pallet width (one load level per level) with a load height of 80”, the frames would be 270”. We are adding 24” of height to the frames to make sure we have the clearance. Going this route saves our customer time, and makes the system safe to use either pallet width.

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