Pallet Rack Safety System

Pallet Rack Safety System

Posted by Marcus Hootman on 15th Sep 2014

I recently had the chance to speak with Seth, Warehouse Manager, and Jason, Loss Prevention Supervisor, about an issue that has come in their facility. Seth had made some changes to one part of their facility where small boxes of their product will come in on full pallets. Employees were wasting a lot of time getting pallets down from the pallet racking, in order to sort through them to find the right product needed. These pallets come in with an assortment of products and box sizes. To save time Seth made use of putting shelving units under the pallet racking.

Now when these particular pallets come in, they sort through them and place the product under the pallet racking on the shelves. The rest is then placed up in the pallet rack. This saves them a lot of otherwise wasted time. The process has made getting the right product more efficient.

Jason had noticed the changed and asked Seth about the process. A concern that Jason has is for employee’s safety. Since more employees are now walking up to and going underneath the pallet racking, Jason’s concern about the potential of boxes offing off the pallets and hitting someone.

Jason liked Seth’s idea and wants to keep the system in play, but how do they protect employees? I brought them our website to show them a wire mesh rack safety product. This system uses steel wire mesh panels to secure items on the pallet racking. Panels are bolted to the back and sides of the pallet racking for a fixed install. The front of the racking uses mesh panel swing doors, to allow access to the pallets. The front mesh panel doors secure the boxes when closed. Then they simply open the doors to get access to the pallets above as needed.

Pallet Rack Safety system solved a very important issue concerning employee’s safety. They no longer have to be concern of product falling off. Employees feel safe when retrieving product off of the shelves. One particular personnel, Randy, really appreciated that this company took the time and investment to help make sure everyone remains safe and confident while at work. “This company has always made you feel more than just another employee. They take the time to make sure work is getting done safely. This is another great example of their commitment to us as employees.” – Randy

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