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Material Handling Solutions

Material Handling is defined as movement of material of any form (raw, finished, packaged, solid, liquid, gas, light and heavy) from one location to another location by manual or mechanical aids. But it goes way beyond just this simple terminology. Material handling can be split up into 3 facets. The transport, storage and storage management of material. Here at Hawkeye Material Handling we strive to find the solution to your material handling needs, whatever area it may be.

Customer Service

As a distributor, we recognize that our success is dependent upon customer service. Our approach is guided by the expertise of our entire staff working to build customer loyalty. We constantly strive to employ innovative methods that enhance our customer service.

Engineering, Design & layout

Have an empty space but have no idea where to start. Don’t worry. We know it can be a bit overwhelming at first but with the help of our experienced sales team we know you will end up right where you want to be. From the very first step to the finish line we can team up with your managers using new age warehouse design technology for easier visuals and accuracy. Contact Us today to get started.

Installation Services

From pallet rack systems to implant offices, Hawkeye Material Handling can do it all. With our team of qualified and experienced professionals we work hands on with the customer to ensure that we are on the same page throughout the entire installation process. Ask your sales representative today to include installation on your next quote.

Why Choose Us?


Hawkeye Material Handling was founded in 1982. That’s over 35 years of experience in storage and material handling. We have grown into one of the area’s leading designer, provider and installers of material handling systems and look forward to growing with our customers.


Over the last 35 years, Hawkeye Material Handling has built great reputation and relationships with our customers, whether they are large or small businesses, across the entire country. These customers know that they can come to us at any time and receive excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Trusted Brands

Building trust does not happen overnight. When it comes to brands you don’t know or haven’t heard about you may be a little hesitant to pursue it any further. That is where we come into play. Hawkeye Material Handling has built long and lasting relationships with over 20 manufacturers, so we know the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our Mission

Our Mission:

Of course, our mission is to provide the highest quality material handling products and services to our customers, but it’s you the customer we like to put the focus on. Building upon those relationships so that both parties are always in sync. Working with you to reach your goals. Those goals become our passion. Our mission is to ultimately earn your trust every day.

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The best decision we could have made


“For a long time, we had been ordering most of our items from online vendors. We kept running into horrible customer service and items not shipping out when they were supposed to. So, we gave Hawkeye Material Handling a shot and it was the best decision we could have made. They now supply us with just about everything we need in our warehouse. We highly recommend them.”

- Jeremy Ramsey

Always great to work with


“We have been dealing with Hawkeye Material Handling for more than 25 years. We have a very large distribution center where we are repairing and making adjustments to our pallet rack layout constantly. There installation crews are fast and diligent and are always great to work with. We look forward to the next 25 years with them by our side.”

- Brandon Hansen

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